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I am a hopeless romantic.
I found out he knew my name, and then I met his girlfriend.
How ironic and unfair.
HE finally talked to me.
I stuttered around with my words and then felt like I had to apologize. He laughed and looked at me funny.
Great. I'm a loser.
I found a guy that I like, I see him everywhere. The problem is, I dont think he knows that I exsist...

How should I go about making myself noticeable and talking to him without being... overly obvious and overly noticable?
I've been really sick with mono for the past couple of weeks, good thing is today i ate some crackers, and kept them down - so I'm getting better. Through these two weeks, other than sleeping, I've watched the entire video store. My favorites so far have been The Terror of Tiny Town, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Citizen Kane, and the old Toonerville Trolley cartoons.
It's been a lazy, rainy afternoon. tomorrow i'm taking my mother clothes shopping. she always gets so grouchy...
My friend finally came home from rehab - she's staying with her grandparents for the time being... so in honor of her return - we went four wheeling, which we used to do almost every afternoon.
I love slinging mud, I can't help myself. :)
It was a perfect rain, the sun was still shining.

I started reading catch-22, i'm not sure if I like it or not. I feel like I'm missing something important from the whole thing. I finished Crime and Punishment - which I really enjoyed, but I feel that they could've said it in fewer words. Not that interesting, but anyhow - it's life.


I took an oddjob serving drinks at the opera house.
A guy comes up and asks "Is this tea cold?"
and all I can think to say is "It would be if you put some ice in it."
I make such an ass of myself sometimes. I really wish I could've smacked myself.
I just got back from my brothers concert, He did really well. Im happy for him :)

Some band pics and some afternoon practice before the show.

From the left: Chris(drummer), Daryl(my brother - vocals and guitar), and Jerry (electric). and I dont know where cody (the bassist) was at???

Warming up.



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